Sean Anderson

Data Engineer / Developer

Senior data engineer and software developer who is passionate about open source community driven advancements in cloud computing, software development, and dev-ops. Looking for a team that is energized by the same desires to learn, create, and contribute.

Professional Experience

RushCard / Green Dot Corp.

Data Engineer / DBA / Software Engineer
2013 - Present
  • Data platform owner responsible for data engineering and for ensuring fault-tolerance, performance, and recoverability of a $150MM 24/7 highly-transactional multi-terabyte database environment (10 TB, 16 Servers, 16 AG, 200 Cores)
  • Led big data project using HDInsight (Hadoop) and Data Lake Store on Microsoft Azure to create a centralized, standardized repository for all vendor, partner, and production data (data lake)
  • Directed database administrators to ensure system performance, backups, 24/7 support, and sound data engineering projects
  • Created and revised star-schema data models and developed ETL/ELT for data warehouse using SSIS on SQL Server 2014
  • Worked with application architects to develop data models in Entity Framework for new application features and acted as the gate keeper for any code changes (LINQ queries) affecting database access
  • Successfully launched a data integration project for a new company acquisition utilizing SSIS to load text files daily from payment processors (MasterCard, FSV, FIS) for risk and customer service reporting
  • Led a successful large-scale data conversion over to a completely new data model involving hundreds of tables in a 10TB production database--six people under my direction across a series of milestones for a total system redesign with hard cutover; project lasting 18 months
  • Developed complex T-SQL for reports, analytics, data blending, cleansing, and applications utilizing advanced SQL such as windowing (analytical) functions along with proper use of table variables and indexed temp tables in adhoc queries, stored procedures, functions, C# CLR, and table value functions
  • Developed many SSIS projects/packages for converting data, transferring files (SFTP), and loading tables with billions of rows utilizing ETL and ELT methods
  • Developed applications/scripts using C#, PowerShell, and T-SQL to prepare and verify proper file formats and process batches of data through APIs--using the language appropriate to each situation
  • Coached analysts, developers, and report writers on T-SQL features and query optimization (joins, set operations (union), correlated sub queries, analytic functions, grouping, aggregation, temp table and table variables, indexing, sargability)

Systems Analyst
2010 - 2013
  • Successfully implemented an application integration and upgrade for a Microsoft Access-based application to SQL Server and automated the exchange of information between the ERP system
  • Secured the ERP environment with Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (Firewall/IDS)
  • Discovered and reported on security vulnerabilities by performing penetration testing on ERP web application and network (network and application security)
  • Developed an Excel application (object oriented VBA), in cooperation with the head chemistry professor, to fill a gap in Turning Point response system reporting metrics to track student progress throughout a semester with aggregated and visualized results for a flipped classroom initiative.


Management Information Systems A.A.B.
2010 - 2013
Studied modern leadership theory and accounting. As a side project, I implemented a complete DuPont financial analysis in Excel that accepts a balance sheet and income statement as inputs.

Electrical Enginering (Miami University Ext.)
2010 - 2013
Studied imtermediate and advanced maths and applied them hands-on in the analysis of AC/DC circuits and digital electronics. Built a single board computer from discrete components and programmed it in machine language.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

SQL Server Data Warehouse
As I transitioned from application engineer to full-time DBA, I used Microsoft certification as a way to test myself as I grew in knowledge and experience.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


SQL Server

Expert, 5 years
I have hands on experience designing and configuring complex SQL Server systems to support high performance OLTP applications and data warehouses. Solid undertanding of database engine and internals of query processing.


Expert, 4 years
I have developed more SSIS packages than I could ever count in the last few years supporting a range of business functions and performance-sensitive data trasnformations. I know when to shift the burden of data processing between source, staging, and target systems.

SDLC / Integration

Advanced, 7+ years
I am at home working with software developers and infrastructure teams to come up with solutions to hosting applications on premise and in the cloud. I treat data engineering, database design, and automation like software development efforts--to be tested and tracked in source control.

Other Skills

Project Summaries

Azure Data Lake - HDInsight


Successfully led a project to begin consolidating all company data onto HDInsight (Hortonworks Hadoop) and Data Lake Store with Azure. I built, configured, automated, and documented the HDInsight instances and storage provisions and wrote Hive scripts to prove out ETL methods. During the project, I discovered several issues and bugs and assisted Microsoft support in documenting and reproducing the issues for Hortonworks. I worked around the bugs and Hive's SQL implementation, ingesting data into efficiently partitioned and bucketed ORC files to reduce storage consumption and increase performance. While I worked with cluster configuration, benchmarking, and modelling, a fellow data engineer focused on automating ETL directly from our production database using Azure Data Factory. The project proved successful, however our company was undergoing a round of re-capitalization which led to our acquisition--essentially killing this project and all others which were in flight at the time.

Streaming Data - Power BI Solution

Kantar (Added Value)

On a project for Harley Davidson, I built a visualization and reporting solution for SendGrid email metrics. This involved streaming email status messages as JSON from the SendGrid web hook to an AWS Lambda function. The Lambda function would perform some transformation of the data and send it to a SQL Server instance on EC2/S3. I used a job on SQL Server to create models that made it easy for users to query and filter. I developed the visualization solution in Power BI which included: dashboard, data tables, and graphs that were all tied to user-defined filters. This let HD dealers access a history of email click-through statistics to help analyze customer engagement.

Analytics API

Kantar (Added Value)

I built an analytics API for survey data; making it possible for applications and BI tools to easily visualize metrics. Taking a process where data scientists would ingest and manipulate survey data in R, I built a solution in Cisco Information Server that would publish that survey data as an API from a SQL Server database instead. Using the R scripts as a "template" for the API parameters, I worked with data scientists to clarify requirements and verify my models via the API. Added Value intended to use this system to power metrics on the Harley Davidson (HD) dealership portal.

Large Scale Implementation - Data Conversion


Converted 3 terabytes of account servicing and transaction data to a completely new data model going from a monolithic database with hundreds of tables to 15 domain-based databases--supporting a full application stack rewrite. I worked with the business, partners, and development teams to support a hard cut over on a strict deadline. I wrote most of the conversion ETL in TSQL/SSIS while leading a team of developers and analysts assisting me on other aspects of the project—both offshore and in-house.

API Implementation Redesign


Re-engineered a Green Dot API implementation that supports over a billion dollars per year in transactions. The system was rebuilt at one point, by another developer, to support a new API that Green Dot uses to interact with our systems to verify and approve cash loads from Wal-Mart. The implementation was not designed properly, exhibiting serious bugs that would prevent cardholder funds from being credited to their account or reconciled with the bank. I documented the root causes and redesigned the data flow to support the required transaction resiliency. Lacking a formal project management team, I recruited another developer to implement and deploy the changes with me--successfully resolving the issues.

Improved Application Stability


Reduced downtime and outages related to application performance and stability issues for major customer facing and customer service applications and websites. A ground-floor member of a new Application Support group, I quickly learned a large, multi-faceted system and drove improvements to the software and database code. Writing code and submitting detailed suggestions to the application development team, working with them to develop, enhance, test, and verify changes and document data flows. Working alongside business users that would report problems, I identified solutions and followed through to see that the solutions were implemented, maintaining communication with the users to ensure they were satisfied. After these improvements and the introduction of extensive business logic alerting, a 66% reduction in down-time year over year was realized, saving up to a million dollars in call center expenses.

Professional Software Integration

Successfully integrated a third-party application to provide a real-time security badge printing and tracking solution for four college campuses. I took a single user, Microsoft Access based, solution suffering from access contention and data loss to a true multi-user, transactional solution on Microsoft SQL Server. Implementing the software upgrade, converting data, and writing custom software to support ERP data integration and reporting I eliminated contention and data loss while greatly enhancing customer service and creating a pleasant workflow for the users. I created documentation that enabled help desk technicians to support the software after my departure.

Get in Touch

Things you might want me in the room for:

  • Considering cloud adoption
  • Evaluating data platforms
  • Improving dev-ops
  • Solving big problems
  • Planning scary projects

I'm always looking for ways to answer emerging business needs in ways that let the technology teams sleep at night and enjoy their work. I try to hold myself and others to a higher standard--keeping in mind that we are all human with diverse needs and abilities. I can say with confidence that: people like working with me, I always try to keep it real, and I’m not afraid to execute.

Shoot me an email or text me 937 509 8797

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